[DRA] Double Wars 25th anniversary

Attemark is once again hosting the great Double Wars, this time for the 25th time and it is with great pleasure that we invite You to celebrate this joyous occation with us.

Let’s come together and make it even more splendid than ever before. The guest teacher this year will be Mistress Isobel Glidingwater of Ditchingham, also known as the Attack Laurel. She will offer several classes mostly on 16th century garb.

For fencing there will hopefully be an opportunity to watch a prize fight which determines if there is a fencer worthy of becoming a prefect in Drachenwald’s Academy of Defence.

As the name of the event indicates there will be two Wars and the Theatre Guild has promised to again host the Knäcke ceremony held before the Knäckebröd War. 

Archery for both adults and children will be held daily so why not try to improve your shooting skills?! There will be grand tournaments, a feast, a ball and maybe some swimming with armour on.

This and much much more will take place at the 25th Double Wars. Let’s beat all previous records on the number of fighters, fencers, archers, children, classes, dancers and beers that we have during the week! See you there!

Tostarpsgårdens Lägerområde, Tyringe Sweden
PL 2883, SE-282 91 Tyringe www.tostarpsgarden.com
Site opens on Friday May 11 at 6 pm and closes at noon on Sunday May 20.