12th century Japanese "ogre pot" found in Kashihara City

Japanese Archaeologists working at Shindo Remains in Kashihara City, Nara Prefecture, have found an early 12th century pot with the face of ogre drawn on its surface in ink. Kashihara City was once the location of Japan's capital.

The round, painted pottery, according to Japanese archaeologist Shinichi Sagawa, is an example of pottery in the Middle Ages created to "protect people's daily life from enemy, evil and illness." The team also found other pottery believed to have been used for ceremonial purposes.

Photo of artifact

http://archaeologydailynews.com/12th-century-pottery-found-in-japan/ has a photograph of the artifact.

The articles themselves read a bit strangely and may be the result of translation. It's not clear whether the pottery is 12th c. BC or CE and the statement that it's the earliest extant Japanese pottery is just plain untrue as there are Jomon period pieces that are considerably older. Something in that statement HAS to be missing.