First Same-Gender Couple to Ascend Baronial Thrones in Caid

Baron Ursul and Baroness Colette of Caid’s Barony of Gyldenholt have made SCA history by inviting a same-gender couple to become their heirs (posted with kind permission of the author, Mistress Caitlin Christiana Wintour).

With the ready approval of Their Majesties King Sven and Queen Cassandra, they issued the invitation to Baron Giles Hill (OL, OP) and Baron Giuseppe Francesco da Borgia (OL, OP). Baron Giles and Baron Giuseppe, who are a legally married couple, accepted.

It is always an important decision who shall ascend baronial thrones. The position is both honorable and demanding, and the decision to invite -- and accept – requires thought, counsel from Royals and populace, and some soul-searching. Barons cannot make this critical decision simply to make a point or to support an issue.

On the other hand, Their Excellencies had no intention of ignoring their best qualified heirs because of an issue.

Yet there remained the question: would – could -- the Board of Directors approve the new Barons-elect? Caid brought the matter to the BoD, who requested that Society Seneschal Countess Kenna Harve study the matter and issue a ruling. Countess Kenna ruled that since the SCA-wide Governing Documents contain no reference to gender in baronial selection, then polices should be “according to the rules and customs of the kingdom.” Thus on October 15, 2011 the BoD announced that by Caid’s rules and customs – which have no gender-based restriction for baronial rule – Gyldenholt was free to appoint Barons Giles and Giuseppe as Barons-elect. Their Excellencies were installed as Reeve and Reeve on January 21, 2012 at Gyldenholt Unbelted and will ascend to the baronial thrones in July 21st at Gyldenholt Anniversary.

At the historical BoD meeting, Director Tim Jennings (Master Garraed Galbraith) requested a moment to comment on the decision. “This is landscape-changing,” he said. “This will change the game.”