A Challenge to all Houses in the Known World

In an open letter, Clan Marshin Fayne challenges households, clans, and other non-official groups to offer assistance to the SCA's official branches in meeting the financial stipulations of the recently-announced legal settlement.

Fair and wondrous greetings unto all Houses, Clans, and Confederations in the Known World from the great Clan Marshin Fayne,

For many years we  have enjoyed many aspects of this great hobby, the Dream as it has been called, and we have grown with it as the Society as a whole has grown...as local shires, baronies, and Kingdoms wax and wane. Many of us have seen our houses, some older than many official groups, become integral parts of our Society...our individualities adding to the greatness of the Ages which we represent. We all have many aspects and varied aspirations. Some of us raise arms and make battle upon fields of honour in many lands far and wide, while others imbue the knowledge and beauty of the Ages which we represent to those that seek such learning, and others still serve in order to keep the Dream alive through its administration. Other houses and Clans make revelry for the enjoyment of every gentle at varied events and Wars. We are all players in this that is the SCA, fine threads of a vast pattern that makes the very tapestry of our Society.

Our Society has been pummeled by a great and dark storm the likes of which it has never faced. Due to the legal tumult that has gripped it and the ramifications it has been bound to, every Kingdom and group that comprise them is held to a responsibility of sharing the financial burden that the Society faces. Some groups will weather the Storm well while others may break apart in the shallows and although the financial burden which they face might be recovered such an occurance is for many as fleeting as a waking dream.

We who comprise the many Houses, Clans, and Confederations that partake of the Dream should meet the tempest which official groups face with Compassion and assistance wherever possible. If we can give of our time at events donating dayboard to groups that might not be able to afford it when the gale forces them into the reef, hosting a fundraiser to help alleviate the burdens which face them all, or simply donating from our collected coffers, the hardships might be made easier to bear.

We in Clan Marshin Fayne, with members across the Known World, offer a challenge to every house, clan, and confederation to give of yourselves to assist your local groups and Kingdoms. We will start this challenge by providing financial assistance from donations by our members and shall continue in fundraisers and service so that the threatening upheaval will be lessened. We challenge all of you to do the same in whatever way you can. This is a trying time for us all and, by helping our fellow brethren members and partakers of the Dream, the storm can break to a dazzling sunrise and a bright future for everyone in the Society.

In Service to all,

Roibeard mhic Neill mac Gille Eoin,

-Chief, Clan Marshin Fayne

Consider, please, this urge to fix what remains broken.

Greetings. Your intent is noble, good Clan Chief Fayne.

Forgive my poking in, as we have never met, but the passion of your plea caught my eye. So, I make bold to speak of caution.

 I ask you to consider one thing before calling for donations, fundraising, etc. If coffers are rapidly re-filled but the way to them still unguarded, still vulnerable to the next raid, there is much risk to the hard-earned wealth of The People.

New corporate funds (as all SCA, Inc. accounts are) are simply exposed to another round of assault. I do not believe this will be the last such lawsuit. New monies poured in are just as likely to be taken.

Fundraising won't fix this issue. The People of the Society need to build a better structure first, in my opinion. One that they control and can better protect.

I mean no harm nor insult. I only offer food for thought.

With respect, Sir Brand of An Tir, MPel 

aka G.Robin Smith, non-profit fundraiser.