[EAL] Break the Back of Winter

Greetings unto the populace!  It is our great pleasure to extend to you an invitation to Break the Back of Winter 7th: Skraeling Althings 30th. Join us as we ring in three decades of history.

As always, we are hosting several classes to take place during the day. We still need a few more teachers to sign up and show off the many talents of Skraeling Althing. Send an e-mail to Moira finitedancer@gmail.com or myself sjsavoie@gmail.com.

We are hoping that any Lord or Lady who may have a memory of Skraeling Althing submit it to be read during feast. Bring out your song books and sing us songs of our history and glory. If you're a bard who'd like to lead the stories and songs, please let us know!

Break the Back of Winter will also have a space for a Trading Blanket. Have something you're not using? Want to trade for something you will use? Bring it with you and set up on the trading blanket.

If you're a merchant and wish to set up shop, fire off an e-mail.

Further to all of that excitement, the event will boast a Blind A&S Competition. Prizes will be given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Show the Barony what you're capable of.

For those who's talents lean more towards swords or rapiers, there will be space provided (possibly outdoors if this mild weather continues) for fighting.

Come one, come all!  Celebrate 30 years of Skraeling Althing.

Here’s what you need to know J

*Where*: Crossroads United Church, 690 Sir John A MacDonald Blvd
*When*: April 7th 2011; 10am till 9pm
*Who*: Autocrats: Lady Moira ni Namara of Greyfells
                                Lord Sandarr the Beardless
Adults: 12$  (includes KET)
Children: 5$
Babes in arms: (3 <) free

Adults: 14$
Children: ½ price 7$ (booked 2 weeks in advance)

Take your best way to highway 401, follow this to Kingston (east of Toronto West of Ottawa) exit 615.  Follow Sir John A MacDonald Blvd past John Counter blvd, and Princess St, it will be on your right.