[LOC] Trans-Alpine Darton Autumn Feast

On 10 March TransAlpine Darton is hosting an Autumn Feast in Featherston. Master Stefano da Urbino will be cooking this feast.

Tickets are $23 for subscribing members and $25 for event members. Some costume is available for hire from the event steward.

 *Event Details*
Event Date :   10/3/2012
Group Hosting Event :   Darton
Event Name :   Trans-Alpine Darton Autumn Feast
Event Type :   Feast
Event Time :   6:00pm
Event Site :   Senior Citizens Hall, 4 Lyon Street, Featherston NZ

*Steward Details*
Steward SCA Name :   Sancha da Sylva
Stewards email :robyn@paradies.gen.nz

*Booking Details*
Booking cost for members :   $23.00
Booking cost for non-members :   $25.00
Booking cost for children :   under 6 free
Cheques payable to :   S.C.A.N.Z. - Darton
Bookings required :   Yes
Booking deadline :   6/3/2012
Booking contact (SCA name) :   Sancha da Sylva

*Other Details*
The feast is after the local "Ride the rails" Festival where we will hold a SCA demo. Limited sales possible on the day. Some costume available for hire. Feast cook is Master Stefano da Urbino.