Call For Gulf Wars classes/events/demos, etc.

Mistress Solveig Eiriksdottir, Overall Class Coordinator for Gulf Wars 2012, is seeking class and demo instructors for the upcoming War.

Mistress Solveig writes:

Unto all in the Known World planning to attend Gulf Wars in March: Please volunteer to teach a class/conduct a demo/host a meeting, etc. (or more than one!) at Gulf Wars. The online class/learning event submission form can be found online.

While our print deadline for the GW Class booklet fast approaches, instructional areas around Gulf Wars will continue to accept classes as schedule permits up through the beginning of war.

The “January 15th” submission deadline on the web site guaranteed class listings in the booklet.  Classes submitted after that date *may* make it in the booklet if you ACT NOW.

We do plan to publish an “addendum” flyer with all classes that did not make it into the booklet, but this will contain limited information, and likely reach fewer folks.  Having your class IN the class booklet is likely to get you more students than the addendum, which is likely to get you WAY more students than on-site advertising. Also - earlier gives you more possibilities for scheduling. So submit your classes NOW NOW NOW!

By all means PLEASE pass this notice on to any e-mail list or Facebook group on which you belong, beat the bushes for instructors you know, and tell folks to use the online form (this is the fastest and best way to submit a class)! At this point there is still a good chance they can end up in the booklet!

Mistress Solveig Eiriksdottir
Overall Class Coordinator, GW 2012