[EAL] Step Spritely 2012

In honour of our Lupine Majesties Thormot Quilliam and Dagmar Halvdan, Step Spritely 2012 has a Viking theme. This is an opportunity to work on an alternate persona OR to come as your Renaissance self attending a Viking theme party.

From the Sagas, we know that Northmen and Northwomen thoroughly enjoyed dancing. To make our Royal guests feel at home, we are encouraging classes based on dances that "may have been done" before the 15th Century.

Event Date
    February 18, 2012
    Site opens 10 AM Saturday and closes 1:30 AM Sunday

    Trinity Port Credit, 26 Stavebank Avenue North, Mississauga, Ontario. L5G 1L5
    There is ample free parking at the Library and the Arena around the corner
    The hall is wheelchair accessible
    Transit Access The site is steps from the Port Credit GO Station. You can also take a Streetcar from Long Branch and Mississauga 23 to the Go Station.

        Make your way to the QEW in Mississauga. If you are coming via the 401, go South on the 427, then head West on the QEW
        Exit South at Highway 10/Hurontario, Exit 132.
        Drive south until you go under the railway tracks at the Go Station
        Turn Right onto Park Street East. (The GO Parking lot on your right)
        Drive until you get to the T intersection, which is Stavebank
        Turn Left at Stavebank, Trinity Port Credit is the first church on your right; 26 Stavebank

A full day of classes

  •     Join us for a full day of Mediaeval and Renaissance Dance Classes for everyone, both Social and Performance
  •     We also have classes for musicians and those with an academic interest in Early Dance
  •     Garb is optional during the day while we learn 'about' period dance

Vigil for TLH Emma Dansmeyla
    At Septentrian 12th Night, TLH Emma Dansmeyla was invited to join the Order of the Laurel. She will give her answer to our beloved Queen Dagmar and King Quilliam at the Steps

Evening Court Ball and Revel

  •     At Step Spritely, Court is traditionally an integral part of the Evening's Ball and Revel
  •     When your casses are finished, everyone is encouraged to wear their best Viking or Renaiassance court garb and remain 'in persona' (i.e. avoid "modern" topics).
  •     The ball dances will be taught during the day
  •     The Site closes Very late!
  •     All musicians are invited to play for the ball. Please visit the Musician Page for details.

Viking A&S Contest

  •     Entries can be any Viking/Norse Art or Science project likely to impress our current Lupine Majesties
  •     This includes, but is not limited to Norse dance, clothing, footwear, poetry, music and so on.
  •     This is an informal contest and written documentation is not expected.
  •     Our Esteemed judges will base their review on the Ooh Aah Factor, but will also take into account
  •         Authenticity of the materials and methods used
  •         Scope and ambitiousness of the project
  •         Quality of the finished project (skill and execution)

THL Aislinne of Alainmor, a student of Viking culture and Lampwork Bead maker of some renown is sponsoring the contest.

Third Annual 'After Steps' Sunday Practice, this year featuring Margaret's Musical Ball!
    Finding that your grand balls just don't have enough music? Well have we got a treat for you!
    Join us on Sunday February 20th for an all day dance practice.
    In the mid afternoon you will be among the first to experience Margaret's Musical Ball, now with 33% More Music!
    We are working to confirm a space for the Practice. It will either be in Branford or at U of T Mississauga.
Food and Alcohol

  •     Lunch and an excellent Viking and Frisian feast are being prepared planned
  •     Feast is available by advanced reservation and space is going fast. Please reserve early to avoid missing out
  •     Period non-alcoholic beverages will be freely available throughout the event
  •     Finger foods will be served at the Ball so everyone has energy to dance all night
  •     Contact the Reservation Clerk with questions or for dietary concerns about the Feast
  •     The site is dry (Ontario law prohibits BYOB)

Fees and Contact Information
    Site Fee (SCA members) $10, (includes KET).
         Site fee (non members): $15 (includes NMS and KET)
         Youths 18 & under: $8 (no NMS, no KET)
         Children under 12: free
    Lunch $5
    Feast $15 (Limited spaces available, please r eserve early)
    For more information, please contact our gatekeeper and reservation clerk at: Reservations@steps.gyges.org