[CAI] Dun Or Anniversary Tourney

The time has come for the 20th Anniversary of Dun Or... next year we will be legal adults!! Please join us for our Anniversary Tournament on April 21, 2012.

Beware though...here in the Desert, Assassins and Thieves abound. YES!!!! We are bringing back Dun Or's tradition Camel Stealing contest, and Assassin's Game.

Compete to be the Heavy Weapon's and Rapier Champion's of our fair Barony. Both rapier and Heavy Weapon's will be fought in Dun Or's famous BEAR PIT fights, with our Black Rose award for the best death on the field in both styles of fighting. Grovel at Her Excellency's feet.

We also will be having an Arts and Sciences competition, with a Theme of Lilies. The lily is the traditional flower for the 20th anniversary, and we bet you didn't know that both the Yucca and the Joshua Tree (which is local to the area,and a protected plant) are in the lily family.
For those who wish, we will also have a competition for the best display of a Traveling Feast.

Lunch will be available for a small donation of $6.00 per plate and will include, 2 Chicken Kabobs, or for those who don't eat meat, Veggie Kabobs wit Tzatiki sauce, rice pilaf, cucumber and tomato salad. We will be limiting service of lunch to 50 , so please reserve yours early.

For luncheon reservations, please email the steward at dragons_castle at live.com.

Rebbe Hadassah Sarai bas Yossi
Event Autocrat