[WES] Gaston Phebus - Hunt and Picnic

Come on out and enjoy an Equestrian Event and Cooks Play Day.

We will have a hunt course with stationary obstacles inspired by Gaston Phebus's descriptions of hunting in 14th Century France. That hunt course will be able to be completed astride, aside, or on foot. Current plans include obstacles inspired by boars, wild cats, bears, badgers, wolves, goats, otters, and rabbits.

We will have a *mock* Par Force Mounted Stag Hunt. We will run it full speed (Hart) and repeat it with a walk trot limitation (Roebuck).

We will have Mounted Archery. We will have Bow and Stable Hunting at moving targets for mounted archers and possibly for foot archers.

We will have lure coursing. The Hare course will highlight the quick turns of the creature. The Fox course wil highlight it's deviousness. Dogs are permitted in the picnic area which covers a few acres. By Park rules, no dogs are permitted in the back country.

We will have a Cooks Play Day. Several folks are donating ingredients including rabbits, halibut, and lingcod. 

At the end of the day everyone gets to come together to enjoy a picnic inspired by the Alfresco Meal depicted in the 15th Century examples of the manuscript.

****** Gaston Phebus inspired attire for Horse, Hound, and Human admired, but not required.********

Pacheco State Park, 38787 Dinosaur Point Road, Hollister, CA

The Shire of Canale will be hosting the event which will be donation only. The park does however charge a $5/vehicle/day fee - Self Pay, State Parks passes accepted.

Although event activites are only scheduled for Saturday, camping (including horse camping) is available at the park for a fee of $10/vehicle/night (self-pay). Paying the camping fee exempts you from the parking fee.
We will be having rental horses provided by Jerry Best Pitch of JB Ranch. 

Rentals will be $200 for Friday and Saturday. Friday will be set up for Jerry to evaluate you and get you matched up with a horse. Saturday will be the event itself. Jerry is also willing to provide trail ride time on Sunday morning for an additional $75, if there is interest.

Interested riders should email Else at nancyreimers @ gmail dot com (letting me know what your authorization status is) and contact Jerry through jbranch.com or by calling 916.991.9500

Jerry reserves the right to limit the pace that riders can ride at. If you would like to use your own tack please talk with Jerry about it in advance. If you are greater than 200 lbs, let Jerry know so that he can bring an appropriate horse.

Jerry needs reservations from 4 riders by March 1st.

Payment in full will be required by April 1st.