Swords stolen from California Shakespeare company

Insurance News Net reports that, in late December 2011, three thousand dollars worth of swords were stolen from the Redlands Shakespeare Festival, Redlands, California. The theft included many large swords and specialty items.

Steven Sabel, the festival's founding artistic director, had housed the swords in the basement of his home, which was being sold. He reported that many people had viewed the house.

From the article:

The booty comprised 10 small Scottish Claymores, two full-sized Scottish Claymores, six Italian rapiers, 13 medieval short swords, one jeweled hilt Excalibur and two ornately carved walking sticks.

"We're talking about specialty items," Sabel said. "The only people who would have use for these are Shakespearean actors, a band of marauding pirates or someone who's going to try to sell them."