Haidner Art Studio & Armoury

Haidner Art Studio & Armoury provides custom made armour for the discerning historical collector, re-enactor and martial artist. Based on designs from the middle ages and Renaissance, armour is built to be as close to the historical types as possible, given each client's budget and design specifications.

Haidner Art Studio & Armoury also offers reproduction and modern jewellery, leatherwork, metalwork, illuminations, and fine art. From family and corporate crests (or your persona arms) made from metal and/or illuminated to decorative scrolls, paintings, drawings, and hand-crafted goods (modern and medieval) expressing your personal style. Ever wanted to wear a little armour to the corporate boardroom? Check out our armour ties! How about a seal ring with your crest on it? Art prints and originals directly from our studio also available. While most of what we do is custom work, there are always a few items in stock.