Grilled Olive Oil Bread

This is an extremely simple dish to prepare, and although probably not documentable, it certainly could have been made in period. I tried it on a whim one day while grilling steak, and everyone loved it.

Slice the loaf of bread across its middle flatwise, so that you are making two flat halves each with maximum crust, as if it were a giant hamburger bun.

Lay out the bread with the crust side downward, and pour olive oil on it until the top is covered and the oil is soaking in.

Add a dusting of garlic, another dusting of black pepper, and (if you wish) other spices such as basil and oregano. Don't overdo the spices; you want the flavor of the bread to come through. In particular, if you use the oregano, use only a small amount because oregano has a very strong flavor.

Put the two halves on the grill, oil side up, on low flame, for just a couple of minutes until the bread has started to warm and the oil has had time to soak in. Make sure there are no dry spots on the top of the bread.

Now turn the bread over, turn up the flame to medium, and cook until the oil side of the bread just barely starts to toast to crispness.

Remove from grill, and serve hot. Feeds four hungry people or six nibblers.

Iustinos Tekton called Justin

4 to 6


An accidental discovery. Feel free to share this recipe with others.

1 large loaf of the flat, heavy Italian bread (not the long "garlic bread")

Olive oil

Garlic - chopped, diced, or powder

Black pepper - fine ground

Basil (optional)

Oregano (optional)

The Spanish here in southern Spain

The Spanish here in southern spain do a similar recipe only they add Iberian Ham and grill.

That sounds delicious.

That sounds delicious. I've never tried putting meat with the bread, but rather have always served it as a side dish. I'll bet it's good, though.

Oh it is great.

Oh it is great. With Feria season coming up it is the stable of my diet while I am there. They also put tomatoes on it as well (forgot to mention). It just makes the experience eating this dish while sipping Sangria and watching the beautiful ladies in their Feria dresses on lovely Andalusian horses or decorated carriages.