[ART] Le Chandleur A French Candlemass Ball

Bienvenue!  Come and join us as Arn Hold celebrates our Winter Ball in the theme of 15th century French Candlemass. Show off your cothardies and houppelandes as we dance the night away with live musicians from Tempus Perfectum and later period dances. The populace will choose Lord and Lady of Colour of the evening, so wear your finest!

The traditional Baronial dessert potluck will accompany the dancing with the theme of patisseries, crêpes, and other French culinary delights.  One rule for potluck foods is no round food such as grapes, truffles, etc. (site rule).

The dance list is forthcoming, but the final dance will be the Baronial Fundraiser with the “To Play” or “Not to Play” baskets for funds.  Proceeds will go towards the Baronial Chatelaine Office.

Also, the Kingdom Fundraiser for the Kingdom Travel Fund, the Online Auction, will be complete with payment expected at the Ball; HG Esabell Grant, the Kingdom Exchequer, will be on-hand to collect those monies.

While a final dance practice will be held earlier in the day, the doors will open to all at 5:30pm, with Their Majesties helping kick off Caer Galen Musical Chairs at 6:00pm. Dancing will cease at 9:30pm.