[OUT] Archery Artisans Day

In anticipation of the Kingdom Archery event, next fall, the time has come to make ready our bows and arrows!

What: Archery Artisan's Day
When: February 25, 2012
Where: deKari workshop, Coats Drive, LaPorte, Colorado
Time: noon till after dinner

The long bows will probably take more than one day; therefore, the workshop will be open the following weekend to finish up!

We are currently working out the lowest cost for someone to get started with his or her own bow and a dozen arrows. If you are starting from scratch and interested, be sure to email me! We may pre-order the wood shafts for the arrows, as there might be a discount for buying those
shafts in-volume. For the bow staves, we will plan a trip with bow-making experts to pick out the best staves at Sears-Trostel, here in Fort Collins, in early February or you can bring your own!

Note: This is not an SCA or Baronial event. We are opening our workshop to those who want to make a long bow and to promote archery within the northern Outlands. If you have expertise in this area, and have the time, please come! We will be putting out a basic materials list in early February.

Please RSVP via email.
Yours in Service,
EllaAnne deKari & William deKari