Tempers Flare Over Remains of "Wookey Witch"

New owners of the cave where the remains of the "Wookey Witch" were discovered fear the results of an ancient curse and want them back. Last year entrepreneur Gerry Cottle bought the Wookey Hole caves which were discovered in 1912, complete with the bones of the "Wookey Witch." After the discovery, the remains went on display in the Mendip Museum near Wells, where they remain to this day. Now Cottle wants them back.

Legend has it that a beautiful woman lost her looks and took refuge in the cave, from where she dispensed curses on the locals. Now the Cottle family believes these curses will be turned to them if her bones are not returned to the cave.

"We feel that the spirit would be better off in any case if she was here," said Gerry Cottle.

Museum officials have no plans to return the bones sparking tempers all around.

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