Help with a quest: Battle of Nations Team USA

Bob Dionisio is funding for his attendance at the upcoming Battle of Nations where he will participate as part of Team USA.

Battle of the Nations is "an extraordinary annual international full-contact medieval armored combat competition in which the greatest swordfighters from over 16 Nations (Russia, Belorus, Ukraine, Poland, Austria, Germany, Italy, Romania, Australia, Denmark, USA Ireland, Canada, Moldova, France, Belgium and England) face each other in individual and team combat to determine the World Championship team."

Bob Dionisio writes:

I have been asked to participate in this first team that we are gathering to fight in an international competition called the Battle of Nations.   However I am not going to be able to get my hard and soft kits together on my own to do this with out direct donations or ideas on where I can find sponsers. 
We are currently stationed in North Jersey so I am open to any ideas on raising funds in the area or to try and find sponsors.  This also might be the only year I am able to do this as I might be retired next year, the workforce outside of the military might not allow me the time off to attempt something like this.
While I have just started my fund raising efforts I am worried I might not be able to make it.  Ideas are just as welcome as more direct support.
Thanks for your consideration and time taking a look.