[OUT] Fontaine Twelfth Night

Our Barony, the most hospitable Barony in the Knowne World, would like to cordially invite everyone to Fontaine's Twelfth Night Celebration and Baronial Polling Saturday, January 28, 2012 at McGee Park, San Juan County Fairgrounds,

War Practice will begin at 10:00
WAARRRRRRRR! and the Feast Site will open at 11:00

Bring your A&S projects and games to pass the time as the afternoon progresses, if attending the War Practice is not on your itinerary...

There will be a Catapult Contest to test the accuracy and aim of our guests-- I promise you, marshmallows will fly!!!! Each table will put together a homemade catapult (this will be EASY, I promise--engineers need not apply) and the rest will be Fontaine History! and when you have a contest, what else do you have? Why, prizes!!! Yes, a prize will be awarded for the most accurate marshmallow flingy thing!

And when I think of Chocolate these days, I will be thinking of our Dessert Competition! Yes, the theme will be chocolate--of any kind--dark, milk, white--whatever! and this will be decided by popular vote! One quarter will equal one vote-- so bring your quarters--and vote for your favorite! This is a fund raiser to benefit the Baronial Travel Fund for Fontaine.

And last, but certainly, not least--we will hold a "Ticket Auction" during the day. One Dollar will Purchase One Ticket and you can put your tickets on the items you would like to win!

And did I mention that we are definitely looking for items to auction? So, bring that gift you thought you would regift next year and donate it to our cause! Period items are wonderful, but we're in this to make money for the Kingdom Travel Fund!

Contact Lady Veroniqua at:  bjtillen@msn.com  if you have an item or items that you would like to donate

We look forward to seeing you there!

THL Evain Macrae
Barony of Fontaine dans Sable