[WES] Court of Love

Fyne and Goode Folk, all! Be it knowne that the Canton of  Borderwinds in the Barony of Tarnmist doth invite you to our annual Court of Love, honoring our Lady of Love and Beauty, Lady Jena Whiteheart, and her Courageous Lord, Cormac Whiteheart, our Lord Protector!

Join us for a day filled with tourney fighting and a night of feasting and playful revelry! This year's theme is Mediterranean Civilization 500BC, in the historical aspects that suits you best. All are encouraged to dress in a wide array of styles from this remarkable era.

Fighting begins around noon.  There will be several contests, including best garb, best Chocolate dessert, best use of Dates, Time period or written works related A theme appropriate Sublety Song, Poem, or Sonnet to the Lady of Love and Beauty, A&S Table will available for displays.  We will be holding our traditional and fun Auction.  (Donations accepted for our auction). 

The feast will feature 3 courses, with each of the meat 3 ways, smoked, roasted and ground.   Anyone with allergies or dietary restrictions, please contact the head cook asap. Donations for the dayboard needed.

Site Information: 993 Ramona Ave (Ramona Garden Park), Grover Beach, CA Site opens at 10am, Feast starts at 5pm  COST: $20.00 for day and feast, $ 5.00 for day, $5  Non-member surcharge, children 6-12 $15.00, Children 5 and under are free, Family cap $60.00.Make check payable to SCA, Inc Barony of Tarnmist.

Autocrat: Lady Eleanor atte walter of Liverpoole, bitobritannia@comcast.net, Head Cook: Arabella McQuharg ladyawrabella@yahoo.com

Please visit our website for updates.

Directions: From the North: Take Hwy 101 south to Arroyo Grande, Ca  Take Five Cites Drive exit and turn left.  Proceed to 4th st and turn right, proceed to Ramona Ave and turn left, site is on the corner of Ramona Ave and 10th St.  From the south: Take Hwy 101 to Grand Ave exit and turn left, proceed to 10th St and turn right, site is 2 blocks north.