[ANT] Fimbulvinter Festival of Fools

It is time to shake off the chill of winter and join with friends for a day of revelry and feasting.  Please join the Canton of Silverhart on February 18, 2012 for our annual winter feast – Fimbulvinter! 

The theme of the day will be “Feast of Fools!”  In keeping with this tradition there will be a Lord and Lady of Misrule declared.  Enjoy a day turned upside down!

There will be heavy fighting outside for those hearty souls who wish to brave the weather and rapier inside, complete with a tavern brawl. Armor inspection will be at 11 AM with fighting to follow as soon as inspections are done. There will also be an arts & science populace choice competition, and an A&S food competition producing "Subtleties" (A food or dessert item disguised to appears as something completely different). There will be dancing starting at 2PM.  Bardic and Court will follow dancing and we will wrap up the event with a feast of merriment!

To keep you entertained and enthralled:
*  5 championship competitions heavy, rapier, A & S, food, and games with the entry fee for each competition being a contribution of canned food collected for the Coeur d'Alene Food Bank.
*  Populace choice competitions in A&S (objects and food)
*  Court dancing
*  Bardic competition
*  An evening court
*  A feast of merriment

The Canton is providing the meat for the feast and the populace in attendance is asked to bring a potluck side dish that will feed 5-10 to accompany the feast.

Pot luck dishes by modern last name:
**A-G bring salads**
**H-P bring side dishes**
**Q-Z bring desserts**

The feast hall can only hold 100 comfortably so please pre-register for the feast prior to February 5, 2012 by emailing cybernicus@earthlink.net with the number of gentles and first names of each in your party. When you register you will get an email confirmation back within 36 hours. If you do not get a confirmation back please recontact to confirm!

Tentative Schedule
10 a.m.                      Site Opens
11 a.m.                   Armor Inspection
11:15 a.m.  – 2 p.m.  Heavy Tourney (MIC: Baron Caieth of Umber)
12 p.m.– 2 p.m.         Rapier Tourney   (MIC: Lord Killian MacThoy)
12  p.m.                   A&S Competition (Populace Choice)
1 – 3  p.m.              Populace games
2 – 3:30  p.m.          Dancing
4:30 p.m.                Bardic Competition
5:00 p.m.                Court
6  p.m.                    Feast
9  p.m.                    Clean up. help would be appreciated
10  p.m.                   Site Closed

Site Fees:
Member/Non member  ($5.00 NMS applies per adult)
Adult with Feast $10/$15
Youth 6-16 with feast $6
Family cap with feast $40 + $5 for each non member adult
Adult no feast $8/$13
Youth 6-16 no feast $4
Family cap no feast $35 + $5 for each non member adult

No Merchant fee: Pre register with Angus de Gournay (cybernicus@earthlink.net) for space.  Please bring tables to show your wares and a floor covering to protect the hardwood floors.  Hammering or fire exhibits are not permitted indoors.

This is a discreetly wet site. Small pets allowed, but must remain on leash at all times. Owners be worthy of bringing your pet and clean up all messes immediately.  Repair fees will be charged for any damage done by pets to the site (including tinkles on hardwood floors).

Autocrat: Angus de Gournay
Please email feast registration & questions to cybernicus@earthlink.net

Site Info:
Name: Moran Praire Grange
6006 S Palouse Hwy
Spokane, WA 99203

Directions to Site:
From I-90 in Spokane, WA, take the Freya Street exit and proceed south on Thor, which will turn into Ray before you reach the top of the hill. Thor/Ray will end at 37th Avenue, turn left onto 37th. Proceed for two blocks to a 4 way stop. Turn right onto Freya. Continue on Freya until you come to a blinking light. At the light, turn left onto Palouse Hwy. Proceed 1/2 mile to Moran Prairie Grange, located on right hand side of the road.