[DRA] Here Be Dragons

In the Shire of Adamastor (Cape Town, South Africa) our largest event is Here Be Dragons, up till the most recent occasion held in Spring - that is October-ish. Each year we run into difficulties with local timing and clashes and for some time have been discussing moving the event. In 2012 we will hold our first Here Be Dragons in late Summer/Autumn, that is March.

We have several times welcomed our Greater Drachenwald cousins at this event and hope to continue doing so in years to come, therefore we felt it necessary to bring the move to this list's attention. Any vistors from foreign climes will be hosted by the shire and treated as the very welcome guests you would be.
This year Here Be Dragons will be held on the weekend 9-11 March, in Robertson, a small town about 2 hours drive outside Cape Town. The event begins on Friday afternoon and ends Sunday lunchtime. As most of the Western Cape, Robertson is in an attractive part of the country, known for its wine farms.
If you have any queries about the event, please do not hesitate to contact me. I can answer your queries or put you in touch with the event steward, Baroness Katherine Percival.
Wishing you good health
Mairi Jean astrolabe_cat@yahoo.co.uk