[MER] Midwinter Arts & Sciences Faire 2012

The Barony of the South Downs is proud to present Midwinter Arts & Sciences Faire 2012
Saturday Only January 28, 2012 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Come share your artistic endeavors with your fellow artisans and friends. Judging for the A&S Tournament and Open will be using the Kingdom A&S rules (http://artsandsciences.meridies.org/faire/rules.php). The evening will feature a delicious feast and lively dancing.

To help things run more smoothly, we recommend that you pre-register your Tournament entries by filling out this form and emailing it to Lady Serafina. Alcoholic entries will be accepted this year, restricted to a designated area of the site.

Druid Hills Baptist Church *
1085 Ponce de Leon Dr.
Atlanta, GA 30306
* note that this is the Baptist church, not the Presbyterian church one block away.

The event is being held in a beautiful old building. The building is heated, but old buildings are drafty. This is the perfect event to wear your wonderful winter garb without over-heating. Parents please be aware that space heaters will be used in the classrooms, please keep and eye on your little ones.

Take your best route to I-75/I-85 through downtown Atlanta. Take exit 248C toward GA-10 E/Freedom Pkwy/Carter Center. Merge onto Freedom Pkwy/GA-10 E. Turn right at Ponce De Leon Ave NE. To park, turn right on the far side of the church and follow the signs.

Pricing Structure:
Adult Site Fee     $12.00
Feast     $8.00
Child Site Fee (6-12)     $6.00
Non-Member (age 12+)     $5.00

Per Kingdom Law: No family will pay more than 3 adult fees as long as all are members and all children are under the age of 15.
Make Checks Payable to: SCA, Inc/Barony of the South Downs

Sunday Activities:

There will be a regional fighter practice on Sunday at our usual location (Blackburn Park). There will also be a tour of local Indian shops and restaurants (aka a "sari safari") hosted by Baroness Jadi. Details will be available later.
Fundraiser Lunch:

The Incipient Shire of Depedale will providing lunch for $5.00

Event Steward: Lord Sebastianos Ionnides walker.hutchinson@definition6.com
Head Cook: The House of Excelsior Point of contact: Sir Master Geoffrey MacDomhuill bobdgillespie@gmail.com
Reservations: Mistress Adela Scrijver van Brugge edila1071@yahoo.com
A&S Coordinator: Lady Serafina Alamanni krpowell@gmail.com
Class Coordinator: Lord Robert Throckmorton resenter@hotmail.com

8-9:30 am    Entry Registration
10:00 am    Judges Meeting; Setup Ends
1:00 pm    Performing Arts: Sanctuary
3:00 pm    Entry take down and removal