Policy on "Deep Links" to SCAtoday.net

Other web sites are welcome to link directly to single articles or sections of SCAtoday.net, but we do not guarantee that the URLs for such content will not change in the future, nor do we guarantee a redirection link if they do.

In general, we don't object to these so-called "deep links," as long as you understand that they may not be indefinitely valid. The proper way to link to one of our articles is with a URL like this:

where the "#" is replaced with the node number of the article. In an upcoming software revision, this format will change slightly but in this case we do plan to redirect to the new URLs (the "view" directory level is going away).

SCAtoday.net does not, however, welcome deep links to individual graphic files on our site. The modern-world legal status of such links is currently the subject of much debate, but at the very least we consider such links to be unethical because they allow our graphics to be used out-of-context without our permission.

In the spirit of treating others as we would wish to be treated, SCAtoday.net will not deep-link to individual graphics on other web sites unless we have the permission of the site owner to do so. Our normal policy is to link from our newswire directly to the full text of the referenced article or story, but we will make reasonable efforts to construct such links in such a way that they render the article in the full, normal, context of the destination site, with advertising intact. Sites that wish to have us link only to their main "home page" should contact our Editor-In-Chief to request this; we will make reasonable efforts to accommodate such requests.

SCAtoday.net provides banners which you may freely copy and display on your site provided that they are clickable hyperlinks that point to our main page, http://scatoday.net/.