[CAL] Midwinter Festival

Alleviate your mid-winter cabin fever with a Festival of Fun! The Barony of Vatavia invites you to:
Midwinter Festival: A Court of Love and Beauty January 28, 2012

Festivities will include:

  • A Midwinter Tournament (to determine Midwinter King and Queen of Love and Beauty)
  • Calontir Steel
  • An Archery 'Hunt” to provide meat for the feast
  • Bardic & A&S, Themes: Indoor winter activities (Winners to be Champions of the Court of Love and Beauty)
  • Games and a Scavenger Hunt
  • Midwinter Ball and Wassailing (of a tree!)

Whatever the 'Hunt' brings in – most likely boar and beef
Lunch will be included in the cost of the feast!
Feast space is limited – please contact the Feast Steward for reservations.
St. Patrick's Catholic School
2023 N. Arkansas   Wichita, KS 67203
9am to 9pm