[CAL] Official Equestrian Practice

His Grace Eringlin, with the blessing of the Shire of Standing Stones, has graciously agreed to open his property to an Official Pre-Gulf Wars practice.

Practice will be held on Saturday, February 18th: starting at 8:00am, ending at dusk (7:00pm.) And again on Sunday, February 19th: starting at 8:00am, ending before dusk (6:00pm.)  Come out on one or both days. Location is Prairie Home, MO.

RSVP's for one or both days are required.  You must RSVP for directions/address.  You can RSVP here (http://goo.gl/6XEwd).

There will be enough marshals available that we can run authorizations for those wishing to do so BEFORE attending Gulf Wars (if your card has lapsed, or if you need an authorization).  Remember - MINORS will need to have an equestrian approved riding helmet, in order to ride or authorize (see handbook, available at www.calontirequestrian.org, for additional information).  Also, PLEASE bring your authorization card, if you have one.  We will be checking, if we do not recognize you as an authorized rider.

Examples of what we could possibly practice and work on:
Crossing tarps, backing up without knocking barriers (think boarding a ship or crossing a bridge), reeds, rings, axe throw, general riding instruction, quintain (double/single), dragging obstacles, princess pick-up, pig-sticking, general weapons instruction, and more!

Again, please RSVP here (http://goo.gl/6XEwd).  We will send you the address and directions, once this form has been filled out.

If you don't trust online forms (it's a google document, you don't have to 'sign in', and I created it myself, but whatever ;) ), you can e-mail me off-list with the following information: Name, Dates RSVPing for, and Interests in working on or learning at the practice, Bringing equines (if yes, how many? - if no, have you made plans with a horse owner to borrow their steed?).

Looking forward to seeing you and I hope you all are staying warm!  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. :)
Ever In Service,
Eowyth þa Siðend