Adding Events

Is there plans in the works to allow people to add their own events. For example, Ansteorran Argent Anniversary is coming up next month and this would be a great place for someone to tell everyone that.

Event submission is now working!

Event submission is now working!

See for instructions. Thanks for your patience.

Adding events...coming soon

Yes, I'm working on that. The facility exists in the content manager, but for some reason the designer didn't distinguish between "add an event for approval by the editors" and "do anything you want to any event in the entire system." (sigh)

For now, our editors can add events, but we can't open it up to the rest of the world yet because of the potential for abuse by spammers. Once we can restrict it so that people can contribute but can't modify other users' published events, we can open it up to all registered users.

So I'm adding more granularity to the security system to make a distinction between the two. It will probably be done tomorrow or Thursday; in the meantime, you can email event notes to and I'll be glad to post them manually for you.


i was just wondering ...

i was just wondering ... I really like the new site. Its a lot better and easier to deal with. Great job people. :)

Thanks! We still have work


We still have work to do. I'm not happy with the way fonts are being handled in the new stylesheet. (sigh)


It always takes time to work

It always takes time to work out the bugs, but it is looking way good so far. Great Job!