[LOC] Aneala Collegia

All are welcome from any of the groups from the Western reaches. This is a 2 day event, running from the 14-15th January, 10am till 5pm.

Lunch and Morning tea will be sponsored by the Baron and Baroness. Any dietary requirements, please self cater.

All those interested in learning from Mistress Rowan are invited to attend the 2nd Part of the Visiting Laurels Anealean Collegia. Mistress Rowan has a vast range knowledge and practical expertise that she is willing to share with us.

*Event Details*
Event Date :   14/1/2012
Group Hosting Event :   Aneala
Event Name :   Aneala Collegia
Event Type :   Classes
Event Time :   10 till 5pm
Event Site :   North Perth Hall, North Perth WA 6006 AU

*Steward Details*
Steward SCA Name :   Baroness Branwen
Stewards email :bakerskeep@antiferus.net

*Booking Details*
Booking cost for members :   $10
Booking cost for non-members :   $12
Booking cost for children :   6-16 1/2 price
Cheques payable to :   SCA
Bookings required :   Yes
Booking deadline :   8/1/2012
Booking email :bakerskeep@antiferus.net