Rappin' to Chaucer with Baba Brinkman

Canadian Baba Brinkman is a performer - and a scholar of medieval literature. He combined both in a recent one-man show, The Canterbury Tales Remixed, which set the Chaucer’s 14th-century work to original hip-hop songs. Catherine Rampell of the New York Times, has a review.

Brinkman found so many parallels between The Canterbury Tales and modern life, that he wrote his master's thesis on the subject. According to Rampell's review, it's not such a stretch. "Chaucer’s works feature thugs, hypocrites, dangerous beauties, death-defying daredevils and Creflo-Dollar-esque men selling salvation. That’s not coincidence, Mr. Brinkman argues; it’s the consistent influence of human nature."