Geek fun for 2012

KTVQ TV in Billings, Montana knows how to tempt a geek with a list of serious geeky dates and activities for 2012. Included in the list: ComicCon and the Pennsic War.

The list for 2012 includes:

  • January 26-29: Advanced Dungeons and Dragons gamers descend upon Fort Wayne, Indiana, for the D&D Experience.
  • April: The new season of "Game of Thrones" is set to debut this month.
  • May 10-31: The World Chess Championship takes place in Moscow.
  • May 11: Tim Burton and Johnny Depp team up to adapt "Dark Shadows" for the big screen.
  • July 27-29: Otakon, the convention for the Otaku generation, takes place in Baltimore.
  • July 31: The original "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" movie was released 20 years ago on this date. (Buffy, the character, wouldn't really take off for a few more years on the small screen.)
  • October: Nobel prize announcements and BlizzCon are expected to take place this month, but very few specifics are known at this time.
  • December 14: A nice finish to 2012 with the first of the two part "Hobbit" film adaptation from Peter Jackson, "An Unexpected Journey."