Known World Novice Tourney Scheduled for Pennsic War

The Known World Novice Tourney is scheduled for Sunday, 8/15 from 4-6pm in the White Tourney list at the Pennsic War.

Count Sarnac Ba'adur writes:

I am proud to announce that the Date and Time is set. The Known World Novice Tourney is scheduled for Sunday, 8/15 from 4-6pm in the White Tourney list at the Pennsic War.

All participants please plan to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to allow for sign in and armouring up/warm ups, and inspections I would like all members of the Chivalry, List Persons and Field Heralds who would like to volunteer to help, to please arrive around 3:15

The tourney will begin promtly at 4.

Once again here are the guidelines for participation:

This is a Tourney for Novice fighters. For the purposes of this tourney, Novice is classified as:
  • Any authorized fighter who's PRIMARY authorization date falls within two years to the day of the Tourney,
  • is not a squire,
  • is not a KSCA,
  • is not a Peer by right of Arms by their own hand,
  • All authorized weapons forms will be allowed.
  • Standard SCA conventions will apply.
  • The format will be determined on the day of the Tourney depending on the number of fighters that show up.
  • Appearance will be considered.
  • Please show your best.
  • Ladies of the Rose are Highly encouraged to attend and will be included in part of the judging.

Please cross post this to ANY and ALL mailing lists across the Known World .

If you wish to assist us with this event, please contact me directly via email

Thank you and I look froward to this great event,

As Always,
In service to the Society and my Kingdom,

Count Sarnac Ba'adur

His Excellency also provided a few thoughts on the creation and organization of the Novice Tourney:

This idea started when I realized that I had walked around my first few Pennsics looking at the many tourneys and saw.... The Best of the Best Tourney, Squires Tourney, Ladies Tourney, Baronial Champions Tourney, and many other Tourneys that were specific in nature to who could enter, yet none were specifically for the Novice. Now at just about every other camping event I went to, especially in my Kingdom, there was always a Novice tourney, which gave the newer fighter a chance to compete and measure themselves against people within their skill level. However, I had never seen one at Pennsic.

There is so much attention paid to all the great deeds of arms at Pennsic and most of these focus on the highly skilled and somtimes legendary fighters of our Society, and rightly so that we honour and showcase those among us who have worked so hard to raise themselves to such a high level of skill, however.... we wanted to give that same feeling and chance to the fighters that are the future of our Society, and give them their chance to shine. The idea has garnered alot of support and we have already had pledges of supports from several different Kingdoms Royalty, including HRH Brannos from the Midrealm, and HRM Cuan of Atlantia, along with many notable members of the Chivalry including Tribune Darius of the East, Sir Michael of Northwoods of AEthelmarc, and Duke Logan of Atlantia.

I am overwhelmed at the outpouring of support and generousity from several noted craftsman as well, Such as Sir Markus Hammerhand of AnTir, and Lord Cet of Rough from the Hammer Armoury, and others who have donated several prizes for this Tourney.

If there are any Field Heralds who would like to come help out and add to the pagentry of the event you would be most welcome as well. We want to make this as special as we can for the people participating.

We will see what kind of response we get this year before we decide to make this an annual event....but so far I have heard nothing but optimism and support for it.

I look forward to seeing you all at Pennsic.

Thank you,

Count Sir Sarnac