Want some medieval-style punitive stocks?

A history buff who made some medieval-style stocks as a Halloween prop is offering to give them away free to whoever writes the best mini-essay explaining why they'd like to have them and how they will be used.

The owner writes:

"[I]nstead of just getting rid of the stocks (which I only use on Halloween anyway), or storing it indefinitely for that purpose alone, I am going to give you the option of bidding (with words) for it.  You can bid simply by writing the best motivational letter of what you will use it for.  That’s it folks.  No money (other than courier costs off course, if applicable) will be needed.

"The best motivation, of course, wins the stocks. I will post the letter to my blog so all can see the fairness I can exude *wink* BTW… closing to submit letters are… 15 January 2012."

For details on how to participate in the contest, and a photo of the stocks, visit the web link below.

Not Wood

Hi everyone, they're not wood, though they look like it due to the woodgrain finish it has - this is a prop only, designed to be worn for fancy dress - it is light, durable, and easy to put on and take off.

Oops -- I stand corrected

Well, you fooled me. :)  I thought they were made of varnished open-grain pine. Nice finish work, then.