Pennsic 41 to feature eTroll

In an effort to save paper and expedite arrivals, Pennsic 41 will feature the event's first-ever electronic check-in, or "eTroll." Fred Brezel, who has managed the Pennsic preregistration process for years, announced the change Friday, and he says it has been under development for two years.

Attendees will be able to preregister at three levels: two weeks, one week, and unpaid. All will use eTroll on arrival, to make check-in as efficient as possible. Forms will be pre-filled-out, and attendees will simply provide their waiver signature on a tablet computer.

Pre-registration for one week (US$115) or two weeks ($155) will allocate land to your camping group. The $40 difference between the two levels is non-refundable; that is, you do not get the $40 credited or refunded if you pre-register for two weeks but only attend for one.

Unpaid registrations do not allocate land to a camping group; they simply allow you to pre-enter your data so that Troll is efficient for everyone.

Mr. Brezel also announced that Maylene Waltz, who is intended to soon take over the pre-registration system, played a vital role in developing the new eTroll.

Between eTroll and the new two-lane bridge, Pennsic arrival should be less stressful this year.

Although the above is a summary of the announcement, readers are encouraged to read the official policy on the Cooper's Lake web page, linked below.

We hear an unconfirmed rumor...

...that the tablets one will sign are made partially of genuine, authentic Roman plasticus, similar to what Caesar used. ;-)