[MER] Turf Wars III

Come and join in the defense of the Barony of the Osprey as we are once again attacked by the forces of our neighbor the dread Baron Morgan.

There will be multiple Heavy Weapons battles. First there will be three last man standing battles between, Osprey and our allies and Seleone and their allies. After these battles there will be two equal force battles just for fun, and if that is not enough there will be two 30 minute resurection battles. There will be Rapier fighting.

There will be a populace choice A&S Competition (for a war point). The live weapons range will be open on Saturday afternoon for those who wish to test their skill with live weapons. And a distance shoot for combat legal Siege Weapons. You must reserve a spot if you wish to enter your siege engine, contact the autocrat for details on the siege shoot.

30510 Osprey Lane Robertsdale AL

The site is 23 acres of privately owned land with clear and wooded areas. The site is camping only but there are a few spaces where an RV or camper can be parked, contact the co-autocrat for details about RVs. There are several hotels close to the site.

The traditional Osprey travelers fair will be provided Friday night and there will be a lunch fundraiser to benefit the sites building fund. A wonderful fighter type feast is being prepared by THLady Gwenhwyvar (for menu see Feast). As an added twist the members of Osprey and Seleone will set up a table of sweets after the feast. Choose your favorite and the Barony that gets the most votes will get an additional war point.

30510 Osprey Lane Robertsdale AL

The site is “discreetly” wet. (Please remove your own original containers). No ground fires. No pets allowed.


- Babes in arms are free
-Off Board deduct $6.00
-Non Members add $5.00
Weekend     $16.00     $18.00
Daytrip        $14.00

Feast is limited to the first 100 paid reservations

Make checks payable to SCA Inc. / d.b.a. Barony of the Osprey

Take your best route to I-10 (east of Mobile) and take Exit 53, go north on County 64 for 2.9 miles. Turn left onto Osprey Lane and follow the signs through the gate.