[NOR] It's Only a Flesh Wound V

It's Only a Flesh Wound V on January 28, 2012 and Hosted by the Barony of Jararvellir

Site Information:
Jefferson County Fair Park
503 North Jackson Avenue
Jefferson, WI 53549

Gate opens at 8:00am
Site closes at 9:00pm

Site Fee: Adults $9.00* 5-12: $3.00 under 5: Free * Non Member Surcharge of $5.00 will apply
Site is BONE Dry. No outside food or beverages are allowed on site. Food/beverages are available on site.

Authorizations are by appointment only.

First tourney will start PROMPTLY at 10 AM

Tourney Schedule:
    Mace and Buckler
    The Sir Vitus Tourney *
    Great Axe
    3 Person Melee (Only 1 member of the Order of Chivalry is allowed per team.)
    Mixed Weapons
    Great Sword
    Valhalla **

* Sir Vitus Tourney: This is a weapon and shield tourney testing a new combat system proposed by Sir Vitus von Atzinger. A good blos to the head and body result in a kill, good blows to the arms and legs are NOT acted out, however 2 good blows landed on any of the extremities counts as a kill (2 good shots to an arm, 1 good shot to an arm 1 good shot to a leg ect.)

** Valhalla Tourney: Bring Your Best

Back up weapons are prohibited in the Great Sword, Great Axe and Pole Arm Tourneys.

Maximum diameter for bucklers is 18 inches.
Event Staff: Autocrats:
MIC & Autocrat: Stephen du Bois Email: pole...@gmail.com


I-94 West to Exit 267 (Hwy 26/Johnson Creek/Watertown Exit) Turn Left on Hwy 26 South.
Hwy 26 South to W Puerner St. Turn Right on W Puerner St.
W Puerner St to N Jackson Ave. Turn Right on N Jackson Ave.

FROM Madison
12/18 East Beltline Turn Left onto 18 E
After 10.5 Miles Turn Left onto North Jackson
Turn Into Site in .5 Miles