Irish church bell could be world's oldest

A bronze bell from Derry, Ireland, in storage since the 1930s, may be the world's oldest existing church bell. The bell dates to 1411 and was probably made in France. Christian symbols on the bell lead researchers to believe it may have once belonged to a church or abbey.

While the original church no longer stands, recent discoveries have lead researchers to believe thay may pinpoint a site location soon.

The current record holder for oldest church bell is a bell from 1440 in Ipswitch, England. [photo]

Older Bell

One of the 3 bells at West Tytherley, Hampshire, is dated and listed as being from 1260.  The bell frame has recently been restored so that the bell continues in use (for full circle ringing).  It is that bell which is regarded as the oldest church bell in the world (for full circle ringing).  It is certainly older than the Derry Bell!  (