[EAS] Revenge of the Ice Weasel

It began seven years ago, a challenge to the mighty warriors of the North to once again step outside into the cold and fight as they did in the days of  youthful glory or in some cases as their ancestors did! Thus did the mighty "Challenge of the Ice Weasel" begin.

Thru this we have seen the "Cinco de Weasel"  and last year "We Were Six"and the battle in the 1/100th acre woods. Now comes  the "Seven Deadly Weasels!" As usual there will be several classes in AS for those that prefer the warm indoors and there will be fighting and fencing outdoors for the stout of heart, that brave ice, snow, and cold to conquer the Weasel's challenge!
So are you Angry that you don't get enough fighting in winter? You can Lust after this event as you Greedily partake in the snowy  bear pits. You also could lounge about the fire Slothfully in good company watching the warriors or partake in a class...or two (But you don't want  to overdo!) Or relax in the warm and listen to The Knowne Worlde Famous Fracta Modi while nibbling the delicate morsels of the day board, Or browse the  merchants where greed and envy abound (Merchants are free except for the day fee, or if staying onboard then the fee for the feast as well) and wait to later partake in the seven dishes of the Gluttonous feast. Then return home bursting with Pride or sit by your own hearth and Envy those who were braver, stronger and better fed then you this day!!
But be warned the Brothers and Sisters of No Mercy will  be about observing your behavior, bad or good, and there will be "reward" or  "punishment" for those who "sin" or perhaps fail to?

Revenge of the Ice Weasel: Seven Deadly Weasels!
February 18th 2012
Masonic Temple 152 Columbus drive
Fall River MA 02720
site open 10 AM till 9 PM
>From the North: Find your way to route 24 in MA and follow to Exit 6 (Highland Ave) At the first light take a left onto Wilson road and follow to Meridian street. Take a right onto Meridian street and look for Columbus drive on your left.
>From the South: Take your best route to Route 195 in MA to Exit 8 (Route 24 North) Be aware this is a left hand exit. Follow to Exit 6 (North Main street)Take a left off the exit and follow around the rotary onto North Main street. Turn left onto Wilson Road and follow uphill and proceed thru the light  and look for Meridian street on your right. Turn right onto Meridian street and look for Columbus drive on your left.
Site Fee is $7.00 (Includes day board) A $5.00 non member surcharge applies to all adults
Children under six are free and children under 12 pay half  price.

There is a family cap of $40.00 (Site and feast included) $20.00 for Day only