Texas Assault 2012

Texas Assault - Singlestick Open Tourney 2012. Texas Assault 2012. Open Singlestick Tournament. Galveston, Texas

The first open singlestick tournament in the Gulf Coast Area. Sword and Stick enthusiasts can come together to compete in a friendly tournament format. Weapons will be 40” rattan and leather hilts. Fencing masks and elbow pads are required safety equipment.

We are inviting all Sport Fencers, Escrima/Kali Stick Fighters, Western Martial Arts, Asian Martial Arts, SCA, Stage Combatants. Equipment will be provided to anyone who needs it. Based on current numbers you are guaranteed at least 6 bouts

Just $15 Advanced
$20 at the door.
For further information and registration texas.assault@sbcglobal.net
February 18th 9:30-4pm