Lost and Found from Estrella 2010 to be auctioned at Estrella 2012

Lady Bethia Somers, Acting Kingdom Sheriff for the Kingdom of Atenveldt, reports that there will be an auction for the unclaimed Lost and Found items from the 2010 Estrella War at the 2012 War.

Lady Bethia writes:

Greetings From The Kingdom Sheriff's Office!
There will be an auction for the unclaimed Lost & Found items from the 2010 Estrella War.  It will be held during the upcoming Estrella War (March 27-April 2, 2012).  The exact date of the auction is yet to be determined, but will be posted in the 2012 Estrella War Gatebook and on the Lost & Found Page of the Estrella War Website.

The list of items and pictures of the items can be found online. See links below.

If you notice an item that belongs to you, please contact me at bethia @ atenveldt.org (remove spaces).  I can hold the item for you to be picked up at Watch Point at the upcoming Estrella War or other arrangements can be made to return your item to you.

Lady Bethia Somers
Acting Kingdom Sheriff
Kingdom of Atenveldt

(If anyone is a member of other Kingdom lists (especially The West, Caid, Ansteorra, The Outlands, An Tir Gleann Abhann Artemisia & Calontir) can you please cross post this for me? Thanks!)