[MID] Fighter Symposium and Regional Fight Practice II

The Barony of Carraig Ban and The Shire Foxvale proudly present Fighter Symposium and Regional Fight Practice II December 10, 2011 9am to 9pm. Breakfast, Lunch, and Feast served!

Baron Faustino de Baeza ssutton56@yahoo.com
THL Hillary of Langforde jeffnaggie@aol.com

Baroness Kathryn von Trier ssutton56@yahoo.com

$5 - Adults
Free - 12 & Under
($5 non-member surcharge)
Feast: $10

$5 - Limited space

Site Location:
United Church of Byron
701 W. 2nd St. Byron, IL 61010

Directions: Byron is 15 miles south of Rockford, IL on IL Rt. 2. Find you best way to IL Rt. 2 to Byron. In town Rt. 2 becomes Blackhawk Drive. Proceed on Rt. 2/Blackhawk Drive to the intersection with Colfax St.. Turn North onto N. Colfax and proceed one block.  The church is on the corner of N. Colfax and W. 2nd St on the left side.


Site Opens at 9am to the public and closes at 9pm
Classes run from 10am - 5pm
Feast starts at 6pm

Armored Combat

1) Historic Sword and Buckler. Cut and thurst fighting 1 hour - 10am (Baron AElfred of Chester)
Sword and buckler combat was used throughout the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. The earliest surviving text on European historic fighting is the sword and buckler system of Royal Armories MS I.33 dated to about 1300. The latest is from about 1600 when George Silver wrote his books.
Equipment needed A suitable sword and buckler for their style of combat as well as a helmet, gorget and gloves for the same style. Suitable groin protection is also required for those fighters who wear it per kingdom rules.

2) Advanced Fundamentals 1 hour - 1pm (Sir Fern de la Foret)
The basic movements of walking, blocking, and sword-swinging are just the beginning of your fighting skills. This class will work on how to turn these into automatic skills. Then you can address the more advanced issues of evaluating your opponent, reading the direction of the fight, and controlling the timing. We will also discuss the logistics and mechanics of the various swordblows, and when they will be most effective.

Equipment needed No armor required, but clothes that are easy to move in beneficial.

3) Skills Tests for Fighters 1 hour - 11am (Sir Fern de la Foret)
How good are your single combat skills, really? How many high-quality blows can you throw in 30 seconds? Can you hit a precise target every time? Can you hit a (stationary) target with your eyes closed? Can you throw a correct shot while your feet are in motion, or while going down to your knees? Sir Fern has a set of physical skills tests and challenges to help your work on your finesse, your targeting, and your timing.

Equipment needed Armor preferred, but not necessary.

4) You've Authorized...Now What. This is a class in armor. 1 hour - 10am (Baron Henry of Exeter)
A class for the newly authorized or the experienced fighter who wants to review the basics. Techniques, movement, and attacks for armored combat. Some time can and will be devoted to stance.

Equipment needed Armor

5) Marshalling How To's 1 hour - 2pm (THL Hillary of Langeforde and Lord Gareth Ostwestly)
How to survive as armored combat marshal", the paperwork needed for different situations, reporting (who, when, how and why and what), being a marshal in charge, tourney ideas, the training process, what to do if...

Equipment needed None
6) Building a Fighting System 1 hour - 2pm (Master Christian Fournier)

Equipment needed None

If time permits and there is enough interest there will be an opportunity to run fighter bouts while filming in order to break down technique and areas of improvement for individual fighters in reviewing the film. This will be led by Baron Henry of Exeter.

Fighter Support - Armored Combat/Rapier Combat
1) Spiffing Up Your Fighter Kit, Surcoats and Fighting Tunics for the Sewing Impaired 1 hour - 10am (THL Elaine Ladd)
A basic how too for measuring, and producing a fighting surcoat for those with very little sewing knowledge. We will cover fabric choices, measuring someone in armour, and basic construction techniques.

Equipment needed None

2) Sekanjabein Syrup, a Period Appropriate Energy Drink 1 hour - 2pm (THL Elaine Ladd)
A discussion of choices that can be made and a tasting of syrups for those that like to have a more historically based drink to use on the list field. We will cover the types of sugars, vinegars, possible flavorings available, and my method for producing them.
Equipment needed None

3) Creating and Sewing Rapier Armor 1 hour - 3pm (Lady Antine Andersdottir)
Participants will learn how to create and sew their own Midrealm legal rapier armor.

Equipment needed None


1) Arrow Making and Fletching 1 hour - 1pm with ongoing workshop (Lord Louis Xavier Navarre)
Participants will learn to make their own arrows, including fletching

Equipment needed None

Arts and Sciences

1) Norse Seam Treatments and Embroidery Demo 1 hour - 3pm (Lady Kara Atladottir)
A hand’s on demonstration in which participants will make either a Viking hat or a hood.

Equipment needed None

2) Paint a Blank 1 hour - 10am (Lady Kara Atladottir)
Scribal workshop in which participants will create a blank scroll.

Equipment needed None

3) An Overview of Early Medieval Philosophy 1 hour - 2pm (Lady Beatrix Raney)
Over half of Western philosophy’s history occurred in the Medieval period. Come discover how classic Greek philosophers influenced (or didn’t influence) the minds of such great thinkers as St. Augustine of Hippo, Anselm of Canterbury, and Peter Abelard before the academic boom of the 12th century. History, main theories, and juicy gossip reviewed. Class discussion encouraged.

Equipment needed Handouts will be available for participants willing to do a jig, sing a song, gift a bead or some other small token of appreciation for the instructor.