[ATL] Ice Castle 2012

As winter's chill spreads, warm up with a day filled with fighting, feasting, and games. Join Black Diamond as she celebrates her baronial birthday and the baronial investiture of Baron Aldemere McRafe and Lady Juliana Grene as the new baron and baroness of Black Diamond!

The event steward is Baroness Maaline Renard. For questions about the event, please contact her at nikki.r.a.early@gmail.com.

If you have questions about reservations, Lord Zao En Dian can be emailed at brian.t.early@gmail.com.

ACCEPS registration is now available.

Site Costs
      Site Fee           Feast      
Adult Member     $8           $7
Adult Non-member     $13           $7
Child 5-17     $4           $7
Child 0-4     Free           Free

Refund Policy:
"Requests for refunds should be received in writing within seven days after the event. They will be considered individually by the Event Financial Committee, and will be issued after the event books have been closed and all checks have been deposited and cleared by the bank."

Ice Castle Schedule

    9:00 - Gate opens
    9:30 - MoL opens, gaming tables open
    10:00 - Authorizations begin, A&S displays and competitions open
    11:00 - Heavy and Rapier Fighting Begin
    12:00 - A&S submissions close.
    4:30 - Competitions close, gaming closes, fighting ends.
    5:00 - Court
    6:30 - Feast
    9:00 - Site closes.

Site Information

Site Address:
Newport Recreation Center
434 Blue Grass Trail
Newport, VA 24128

Site notes: Site is dry (no alcohol). No smoking within the buildings.

Site Directions

From the North:
    Take your best route to I-81 South. Take the US-11/US-460 exit, exit 118C-B-A, toward Christiansburg/Blacksburg. Merge onto US-460 W via exit 118-B toward Blacksburg. Drive 17.8 miles. Turn right onto Blue Grass Trail/VA-42. (Blue Grass Trail is 0.2 miles past Forest Ridge Drive.) Drive 0.8 miles. 434 Blue Grass Trail is on the right.

If you reach Clover Hollow Road you've gone about 0.1 miles too far.
From the South:
    Take your best route to I-81 North. Take the US-11/US-460 exit, exit 118A-B-C, toward Christiansburg/Blacksburg. Merge onto US-460 W via exit 118-B toward US-11/Christiansburg/US-460 W/Blacksburg. Drive 17.8 miles. Turn right onto Blue Grass Trail/VA-42. (Blue Grass Trail is 0.2 miles past Forest Ridge Drive.) Drive 0.8 miles. 434 Blue Grass Trail is on the right.

If you reach Clover Hollow Road you've gone about 0.1 miles too far.

Martial Activities
Rapier, cut & thrust, and armored combat tourneys will be held. For questions, please contact the autocrat Baroness Maaline Renard at nikki.r.a.early@gmail.com.
Armored Activities

Armored tourney formats are currently planned as follows:

  • A traditional 3-man melee. Limit one knight per team.
  • A novice tourney.

Rapier Activities
If you have any questions about rapier activities, please contact Lord Thomas Schreiber at tbensing@vt.edu.

Rapier tourney formats are currently planned as as follows:

  • A 5-man melee with a maximum of two provosts per team. Death from behind will be permitted.
  • A themed no-rez melee. Band guns will be permitted, but with a limit of two guns per person (one shot per gun). More details to be announced soon.

Arts & Sciences Activities

The following Arts & Sciences activities and competitions will be hosted at Ice Castle:

    Practical Personal Heraldic Competition:

    Everyday, day shade and camp use items that are decorated with the individuals personal heraldry. Decorations can use the entire device/arms, elements from their device/arms, or just the colors that are reflected in their personal heraldry. Items should be functional and practical use items that could be found in camp or the list field under the day shade. Things such as chairs, tables, cooler covers, dinner ware, table cloths, cookware, storage boxes, benches, etc are all examples of eligible items for this competition. Heraldic Banners are specifically excluded from this competition since their sole purpose is the display of heraldry.

    Before submitting an item, ask yourself "Is this something we use all the time in camp or on the field?" If yes, and you have decorated with it with your heraldry (or elements from your heraldry), then it's eligible. Heraldry can be painted, burned, carved, etched, sewn, or placed on the item in permanent fashion.

Children's Baronial Heraldry Competition:

    Are you under 18 years old? Do you have ideas of how you can recreate the Heraldry of Black Diamond? Please join us in our children's Baronial heraldry completion by painting, sculpting, coloring, etc... what you consider to represent the Black Diamond's Heraldry.

Baronial Imagery Competition:

    Fabric Arts, Weaving, Tapestries, Illumination, Calligraphy, Wood working, Poetry, etc... all art form displays are welcome! This competition will be based on the best use of Black Diamond heraldic imagery.

Newsletter Competition:

  • The winning entry will become the front page of the newsletter for the next eleven issues (through January 2013). The winner will be chosen by popular vote by persons present at Ice Castle. Entry rules are as follows:
  • The entry must be the entrant's own work, and must be accompanied by a completed SCA Grant of Use form, available from the chronicler or online at http://www.sca.org/docs/pdf/ReleaseCreativeFillable.pdf.
  • The entry must be displayed at Ice Castle 2012. A copy is acceptable.
  • Entry can be in any medium, but must be appropriate to scan, photograph, or otherwise digitize into the printable area of an 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper.
  • The entry must contain the words "Edicts and Epistles" and "The Newsletter of the Barony of Black Diamond" or leave room for these words to be superimposed on the artwork.
  • You do not have to be from Black Diamond to enter. Artists may enter more than one work. Likewise, multiple persons may collaborate on an entry.

Appetizers and hors d'oeuvre competition:

Can you take your favorite recipe and turn it into a bite size serving? Do you have a wonderful recipe for a tartlet, cookie, or a pastry? Sweet or savory entries are welcome. The incoming and outgoing baronesses of Black Diamond are looking for such an entry. Period recipes are encouraged. Extra points will be granted for documentation.

As always, we welcome and encourage those who wish to display their works to do so. We will have extra space and table available for those who would like to show their work. Please contact Lady Oliva Isabelle at seneschal@black-diamond.atlantia.sca.org if you require additional equipment and/ or space or if you have any additional questions or concerns.