Bess Darnley elevated to Pelican in Calontir

Gabriel reports that Their Majesties Ostwald and Kaye of the Kingdom of Calontir have offered Their subject Bess Darnley elevation to the Order of the Pelican.

Mistress Bess is a contributor to the CalonSound Project.


Mistress Bess has lived

Mistress Bess has lived previously in Calontir.

She is a subject of the East.

Master Gabriel did not "report" that Ostwald and Kaye had offered her elevation to the Pelican.

He reported, on the Calontir list serv, that she had been elevated to the Pelican.

Their Majesties Gregor and Kiena of the East did this wondrous thing, to the delight of those in Calontir.

Thank you for the correction apologizes for the error.