[CAI] Roman Armor Workshop

ROMAN ARMOR WORKSHOP in Lyondomere DEC 3, 2011 10am-6pm near S La Tijera and W Manchester

This first meeting will be an introductory gathering focusing in the  LORICA SEGMENTATA, Corbridge version.  The armor you will end up making will be suitable for SCA combat and could hang in a museum as well.
There will be an emphasis on hand tools which can be faster than power tools. We'll use mild steel... no  aluminum or stainless.  
Come ready to work. Apron, goggles, ear guards, dust mask, gloves inc latex or nitrile gloves...
Novice to expert... all are welcome.  Room for 4 students. 
Qualifications: I've made and/or supervised the construction of over 150 Segmentatas, fought in one for many years,  have been cited in JRMES, Lorica Segmentata Vol I, M.C. Bishop and acknowledged in Roman Military Equipment 2nd ed, Bishop and Coulston
Cost: This class is free.
However, there are $150 in materials for a Segmentata if you choose to make one.
Write me at legixhisp@yahoo.com