[DRA] Polderslot Winterfeast 2012

There wil be a Winterfeast in the shire of Polderslot! Please come join us for lots of fun and games, dancing, singing, fighting and more. There will also be plenty to do for children.

The event will be held at the wonderfull historic site of " Het Kruithuis" (Powderhouse) in Delft from 24-26 februari.

Adult: 37.50
Children under 4: 24 euro's
Children between 4 and 12: 30 euro's
Daytrippers: 15 euro's

For those who want to come who have small children: there is a LOT of water on site!

For more information please contact the eventsteward: Mariken van
Oostbroeck at mjacobse@home.nl.