[WES] St. Stephan's Day

The Shire of Pavlok Gorod is pleased to welcome you to our annual St. Stephan's day event.

Date: Friday 12/30/11
Time: 5-9pm

Site Fee: no charge

Location: 3251 Katmai Drive, Kodiak, Alaska, 99615

Autocrat: Angelina Tiana Bezova BuggyBoogy@gmail.com

This event will be potluck, main dish is provided by the autocrat. Singing, riddles, and games will occur. Dress in your best!!

A&S competitions: Best use of paper, best indoor garb.

Fighting will occur on Saturday at Clarion School of Fence, 3438 Woodland Drive, Kodiak, AK. If enough fencers are present, there will be an off-hand, non-standard mock tourney. If heavy fighters are present we will hold a bear pit.

Travellers please contact Mistress Tama at tamfogle@gci.net
Food, housing and transportation will be arranged for you.