[DRA] Midwinter Feast

The Canton of Unikankare invites all to celebrate the traditional Midwinter Feast with us. This year the End is near! The possible end of the never ending tournament Nordic 1000 may come as soon as Midwinter Feast.

So put on your clothes for mourning and come witness the (possible) passing away of a grand old tournament. The weekend's program will also include a funeral feast, a macabre arts and sciences competition, some very grim archery and, naturally, a sauna and general merrymaking!

Event Site:
Ahtela youth camp in Sauvo in Southern Finland, an hour's drive east of Turku (street address Ahtelantie 21, Sauvo). The site is in our exclusive use and consists of a dining hall building, a service building with saunas and showers and accommodation buildings spread in the woods within walking distance from the hall. Some cabins have facilities in a separate building nearby, but all toilets are wcs. Some buildings on the site are handicap accessible.

The site can fit 120 guests, most of which will get a bed. Own sheets are required. Crash space will be allocated if we run out of beds. If we get more than 120 reservations, there will be a waiting list.

The site opens 7 pm on Friday and closes at noon on Sunday. Smoking is only allowed in designated areas.

Cost and reservations:
The event costs 34 EUR for SCA/SKA members and 36 EUR for non-members. Children under 4 can come free of charge but don't get their own bed, 4-12 years olds pay half price 17/18 euros and older children pay full price.

Reservation form and more information can be found on the event web site. If you have questions concerning reservations please contact reservation steward.

Late fee is 5 EUR. Last day to reserve without late fee is 28th of January 2012. Finnish residents also have to pay by 28th of January 2012 to avoid the late fee.

Cancellation policy: If you cancel your reservation after 28th of January, we unfortunately cannot reimburse you at all. If you have a reservation and neither cancel, pay nor come to the event, we will charge you all costs according to your reservation at the regular prices, including the late fee and a handling fee.

The payment goes to Turun keskiaikaseura Unikankare ry's account Liedon Säästöpankki 430922-298699. We appreciate it if guests from abroad can do an electronic transfer in advance, but cash payments in euros are accepted at the door without a late fee. International payment information is available on the event website.

Travel information and pickups:
The nearest airport is in Turku and pickups and dropoffs there can be arranged for foreign guests. The cost is 5 euros each direction and the rides should be reserved at least 1 month in advance. For Finnish guests there are no arranged pickups but we will help you to contact other guests for rides. Driving instructions can be found on the event web site.

Event steward:

Lady Myfanwy Methig

Reservations and co-steward

Lady Eliana Mattsdotter

Lord Mikael Rantzow