[ART] Yule Revel and Tourney

Your fair cousins in the Shire of Stan Wyrm invite you to join us at our Yule Revel and Tourney for St. Nicholas. It will be held December 3, 2011 at The Episcopal Church of the Incarnation. 600 3rd Ave., N, Great Falls, MT.

Join us in the joy and festivities of the ending of the year. Come show case your Arts & Sciences projects to prepare for next year's eventing season. There will be a people's choice A&S display and competition for all those who would like to enter their UNFINISHED works for the populace to enjoy, and get feedback now so as to fine tune your final A&S entries. For those of you who are interested, we will also be holding a gift exchange. Just please mark whether the item is for a Lord, Lady, or unisex with a cap of $10.00.

There will be a very special Tourney in honor of Ol' Saint Nick himself. It will be open to any and all fighters of Heavy & Light, with no belt restriction. To enter, all fighters are asked to donate a canned food item. Fighters, also bring a new unwrapped toy to gain the blessing of St. Nick and buy back your life (one time) or an extra can of food for a one time buyback of a lost limb. All food items and toys will be donated to the Church food pantry or Salvation Army to help those in need.

In addition to the fighting, both Heavy and Light, and the Arts and Sciences displays, we will also have some lively country and court dancing. No experience necessary we will lead and teach and have fun. A great way to warm up after fighting outside in the cold and snow. Or a nice way to cool down after fighting inside. Either way dancing will be after lunch and between fighting and supper or for those not fighting all afternoon.

The feast will consist of both lunch and dinner. Lunch will be provided by the Shire of Stan Wyrm and will be soups, breads, cheese and veggies. The supper will be a period pot luck provided by the populace. Bring a dish from the era and culture of your persona to share with us all. The suggested serving size should be yourself plus five (i.e. serves 6 - 8). Please provide a card with a short description and history of your dish, including ingredients in case there are individuals with food allergies. Hot spiced cider, coffee, tea, and lemonade will be available all day. The site is discreetly damp (it is a church after all).

Site & feast fee is $5.00 with a donated food item per person, with a $15.00 cap plus food item per person family cap, or a fee of $10.00 with no food item with a $25.00 family cap A $5.00 non member surcharge will be in effect on site fees. Make checks payable to the Shire of Stan Wyrm, SCA, Inc.

Directions: The Espicopal Church of the Incarnation - take your best route to Great Falls. From either 10th Ave., South or Central Ave. turn north on 6th St. (it is a one way headed north). Continue to 3rd Ave., North. It is right on the corner of 6th St., N and 3rd Ave., N.

Event Steward - Lady Branwyn of Markland llabelle321@yahoo.com.
Feast Steward - milord Forrest of Gump desireesoapcompany@gmail.com