[ATE] Northern Yule

The Holly King reigns over our land as the fading light struggles to shine upon a snow whitened landscape. At the base of Granite Mountain there is a great and enchanted forest, the bare branches bedecked in brilliant diamonds of ice twinkling in the starry night.

It is there beneath the star lit velvet canopy that a great host of the Atenveldtii assembles to witness the ferocious battle between the Lords of Dark and Light, the Holly King and the Oak King. The Oak King's strength and virility has been waxing in preparation of this momentous occasion, as the Holly King's glory and power wanes. We come to celebrate a victory over darkness with challenging fun games, breathtaking competitions, an exchange of wonderous gifts, a feast for all the senses and great ball where we shall all dance the night away beneath the snowy white boughs.

Games and competitions will include, but are not necessarily limited to; hardsuit competitions, rapier competitions, kub, tumbling towers (giant janga), chess, and a special SCA version of a card game called Taboo that is created especially for all of our honored guests. We encourage all of our wonderous land's bards to grace our beautiful tree framed stage with their own unique entertainment, a popular vote to decide who is the favorite and a special award presented by the Oak King.

The games and competitions shall commence at 10am on Saturday, December 10, 2011 at the Prescott Valley United Methodist Church located at 8944 E Sommer Drive, Prescott Valley, AZ 86314. From I17, travel west on Highway 69 to Prescott Valley. Upon reaching the intersection of Hwy 69 and N Navajo Drive, turn north (right) and continue until you arrive at E Sommer Drive where you will turn east (another right) . The celebration grounds will be on your left, about three blocks down.

Troll will be collecting $10.00 per person for participation in this fantastical event which includes the feast, but children age twelve and under shall only pay $5.00.

Everyone who wants to participate in the gift exchange game are invited to bring a gift suitable for any gender which will be collected at troll.

We must limit the number of attendees to 96 seated guests, so please email your reservations to NorthAtenYule@gmail.com.

A delectable feast of many courses will begin at 4pm followed by the much anticipated ball. The feast tables will already be set with linens and dishes will be provided, so feastgear will not be necessary.

M'Lady Heather is autocrating this great event, and Lady Annalena is the feastocrat.