Viking Leathercrafts

Since 1985, the Viking Leather Crafts team has continually strived to provide the highest quality leatherwork for the history enthusiast on a budget - and the finest in customer service as well. After 26 years, their products are still being worn by countless swordsmen, swordswomen, and Living History enthusiasts around the world.

Using only hand tools, they hand punch each hole; hand rivet each rivet; and hand sew each stich on all of their armour, pouches, and belts. Their dying goes through a 4-step process. Their belts are not just a simple strap; they take the time and effort bevel all four edges and hand dye them before applying a finishing coat top and back to minimize stains on your expensive reenactment wear.

They have partnered with Westland Crafts to provide Living History-grade Medieval and Viking footwear at a price nearly anyone can afford. SCA members, Western Martial Arts practitioners, Living History reenactors, and even equestrians have access to quality, long-wearing, period shoes and boots that are as appealing as they are affordable.