[EAL] Wassail

On Saturday December 3, 2011 the Canton of Canton of Bryniau Twynnog invites you to Wassail. Join us for a day of fighting, feasting, and merrymaking, as the dark of approaching winter is lightened by seasonal cheer. This years theme is the seven deadly sins.

Schedule of Events
In Keeping with the theme of the 7 deadly sins, the shedule is organized around sins:

Time            Sin        Activity
6am             Sloth     What are you doing out of bed, this is sloth, go back to sleep
10am                         Site Opens
All Day     Avarice    50/50 Draw
TBA          Lust         Dancing
11am         Wrath      Toys for TotsTourny
12-2pm     Gluttony  Lunch Counter Open
3pm           Pride       A&S Competition
4pm           Envy       Court
6pm           Gluttony Feast (pot luck)
8pm                           Site closes... go home for some more sloth

Feast is a pot luck dinner. If you are staying for feast please bring a dish for the potluck. There will be places to plug in crockpots and the like if your dish requires this.

No Reservations required.

Saturday December 3rd in the Canton of Canton of Bryniau Twynnog (Woodstock, ON)

Event Site
College Ave Secondary School, Woodstock ON

Site opens : 10:00 am