[NOR] Border Skirmish

Border Skirmish - June 8th thru the 10th 2012 - Walworth County Fairgrounds in Elkhorn, WI

You seriously don't wanna miss this one folks!!!

Camping on FLAT land and trees - yes - your read that right!  AND there's electric and water hookups in the camping area (tho in the shhhhh be quiet camping area, there are no hookups)

Site opens on Friday - come in, set up your area and come to the Activity Center (next to the camping area) for a bite to eat (I haven't decided yet what to make to eat - maybe stew - maybe chili - maybe brats n dogs... tbd later), something to drink, relax, socialize... perhaps some drumming and
dancing?  Who knows?  Donations cheerfully accepted :)

There will be a feast... oh - no - not just any kind of feast... a BREAK-FEAST... that's right!  9am Saturday morrning will be Feast with alllllllll kinds of wonderful breakfast foods!  Julianna de Leon is excited to be the chef for this extravaganza :)  Once we get things in place, pre-reg is necessary - we will be limiting it to 100 paid seats.

After feast will be Royal Court.

Then the fighting begins with Mistress Mysie's Treasure Tournament and melee to follow till you don't wanna fight no mo'! There will be an archery / thrown weapons area!

It's a weekend full of Sundaes!!! Sundaes will be for sale and all profits going to the Royal Travel Funds... NOM NOM NOM NOM!!!!

Mistress Tatiana will have the Dragon Griffin Inn up and running!!!

Showers on site!

Secure parking!  The entire site, parking included, is surrounded with a fence with only one entrance being left open and attended.

So please mark your calendars... this surely is not an event you wanna miss!!!!!